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Meet our Team

Charlene F. Dunn
Exclusive Buyer's Broker 


Charlene F. Dunn is a Real Estate Broker and Principal of Exclusive Relocation of Atlanta, Inc., a Georgia real estate company. Exclusive Relocation of Atlanta, Inc. is Atlanta’s largest exclusive buyer agency and the only one to cover all of metro Atlanta.

Charlene has been in Real Estate for over 25 years and the Broker of Exclusive Relocation, Inc. for 8 years. The company was formed over ten years ago by Rick Dunn as an Exclusive Buyer agency and has remained one ever since. Never, ever listing properties or representing sellers.

Exclusive Relocation of Atlanta’s team of Exclusive Buyer Agents will assist you with planning your pre-move visits, locating property, showing you homes, financing, negotiating price and terms, inspections, home warranties, and referrals for movers, utilities, and other local service providers. We’ll make your move as smooth as possible at no cost to you. From initial contract to closing, we represent you!

If you are relocating to the Atlanta area from another country, another state or just across town, Exclusive Relocation of Atlanta, Inc. can help.

Tina Huber

Certified Exclusive Buyer Associate Broker


Licensed in Real Estate in 1985, St. Louis, MO.  Relocated to Atlanta, GA in 2000, on board with Exclusive Relocation of Atlanta, Inc. since 2000.
I have moved with my husband and children thirteen times throughout the United States and have purchased as many homes.  In doing so, I have learned through personal experience the critical criteria for purchasing a home.  I thoroughly understand the fears and concerns a Buyer feels when relocating from one state to another or from one side of town to the other.

Over these twenty-plus years I have also come to realize the importance of the fiduciary relationship of an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, and how difficult it is to find an entire company of Exclusive Buyer’s Agents!
My promise to you is to keep your personal information confidential. To do the research necessary to find not only a home that suits your needs, but a community that makes you comfortable. I will provide you with written documentation of facts regarding school rankings, property taxes and comparison market analysis of homes that directly reflect the property value of the home you choose, all prior to you making an offer.I will assist you through the entire purchasing process, beginning with the negotiation of the purchase price, continuing with recommendations for reputable mortgage companies, inspectors, insurance companies and real estate attorneys.  I can also provide entertainment, employment, recreation, maps and much more information at your request.  And finally taking you step-by-step through the closing making sure you have the information necessary to connect your utilities, review and discuss the settlement statement prior to closing.

Tim Kelley
Exclusive Buyer's Agent

Licensed in Real Estate in 2008. I immediately joined the Exclusive Relocation of Atlanta, Inc. team. I have been an Exclusive Buyer Agent since obtaining my license, never practicing dual agency.  
I am a native of Atlanta; yes some of us do exist!  I owned & managed businesses involved in construction of residential and commercial development for 30 years prior to engaging in real estate. Throughout the many years involved in the private sector of real estate development I have had the pleasure of working with many clients. The years of experience have taught me to be attentive to clients and their needs. I bring that customer service and understanding to you.
I have worked with many of the builders and developers that have built many of the homes throughout Atlanta that I show clients today. Using those life experiences, I have refurbished several homes and built the home I currently live in. My knowledge in the construction of homes is invaluable the in Real Estate business.
I choose to be an Exclusive Buyer Agent over a conventional agent representing both Buyer’s and Seller’s because I personally had a horrible experience on the purchase my first home many years ago. The agent, acting as a dual agent, wrote up my offer and helped in the later counter negotiations.  The agent knew everything about me including what I was willing to pay. She was the listing agent and was actually working for the Seller!  Needless to say it did not turn out pretty for me. I was unaware, as are most Buyers’ today that the agent listing of a home is representing the Seller & was not representing me the Buyer!
I would like to take what I have learned and show you what fiduciary responsibility is all about. Keeping your personal information confidential and steering you away from the same sorrows I went through is my goal.

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